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  I wish the world all the toiling masses May 1 happy like me!


  May is a good season that puts flying state of mind, you are willing to and I together both fly?


  Today is international labor day men, I wish the women festival happiness, beautiful every day!


  I wish you the efforts and sweat as soon as possible into tomorrow the fruits of success. Happy labor day!


  Labour Day to our Labour us all spring returns, I wish you a happy family happiness.


  The colorful world, friendship is precious, in this long holidays, I wish you happiness!


  Labor day, wish our work to bring spring returns, I wish you a happy family happiness.


  Thank you for contribution to the company for the past year, I wish a happy May Day, all the best!


  Several days no news of you, you now ok? A message can be back? I wish you a happy.


  Labor glorious! Labor, live forever! With their own hands to create brilliant, for the most beloved people to happiness!


  Labor bring us all, there is labor, is to return, no pains, no gains! I wish you a happy labor day!


  Still at work, labor day should labor, not to have a complaint! I wish you a happy holiday!


  Work at ordinary times busy, crazy shopping before May 1. Not empty hands full, treat yourself never miss!


  After the labor of rest is the most comfortable, ha ha, let's enjoy the wonderful holiday!


  You use industrious hands, and create a better life, today is you of festival, I wish you a happy holiday!


  Busy work at ordinary times the importance, while 51 crazy shopping. Not empty hands full, treat yourself never miss!


  God created the universe for seven days, seven days the may holiday, we can create a world of colors?


  Your hard work for us to convey warmth, heartfelt greet a cry, you were laborious! Happy labor day.


  Although you and I can't together, but my thoughts and wishes with you every way. Dear, take care!


  Your hard work for us to convey warmth, heartfelt greet a cry, you were laborious! Happy labor day!


  Although today is labor day, but also should pay attention to rest, keep healthy. Wishing you happiness during the holidays, the business is thriving!


  On the arrival of "51" on a faithful blessing for you: sincere wish you and your family a happy holiday through!


  Being in a foreign land here, every festive holiday times. Distant relatives, the most sincere blessings, peace be to you.


  Don't be too bitter yourself, don't give yourself too much pressure, take care during the May 1 to relax myself, such ability can have everything else!


  On the arrival of the may send you a heartfelt prayer and blessing, wish you and your family have a nice and peaceful Labour Day!


  Do not think that I forget you, in the crucial time, today, for example, I first think of is you. Quick come to my house to work.


  The air is filled with happiness, SMS is full of happiness, put in bags filled with peace, journey covered with good luck, I wish a pleasant journey.


  The beauty of the "May Day", is kissing the day is spring summer day! The season of dreaming, I give you light slightly drunk!


  "May Day" excessive drinking, immersed for return journey, muddleheaded, go deep in the woods, vomiting, vomiting, started up yuanyang many!


  "51" special clew: life is happiness, all want to health, a peace, must be happy, must want to me!!!!!!! Remember!


  Work is done, but the body was too tired to collapse, health is the source of life. May Day must relax, treat yourself a lot!


  Say you work hard, all say you are civil servants, all say you are a model, this year is your year, cattle people, may break down!


  May Day is coming, the most warm the May 1st Labour Day holiday wishes to our friends, to the friend of a friend, also wish you all a happy May Day.


  On the arrival of the "five. A" send you a heartfelt prayer and blessing for you, sincerely wish you and your family through a happy labor day!


  May 1 happy wish you: the pursuit of a genuine feeling, looking for a friend, to realize a dream, care for a family, ask me to eat a big meal.


  the best way to life to pleasure than respect for labor. All the treasures that can be derived from labor, all the plight, can be relieved by labor.


  May Day, blessing you, wish you happy may limit, good fortune 5, 5 health, success in 5, 5, happiness life accompanied by good luck tight!


  Wine, the longer the more alcohol, friends cross the longer true the water flow more and more clear, the world vicissitudes of life more flow more light, happy May Day, always in a good mood!


  Wish you: Kenn_eth legitimate cause, the body strong as tigers, numerous money number, work without hard, like romantic music, happiness only you! May 1 happy!


  In 1234567, a total of seven days holiday, you are going to have been bubble mould at home? Come out with me in the summer sun.


  Brothers, to the fucking holiday again, you know I'm still nowhere to go, to cleaning up the mess you room, static hou my big presence!


  The May Day holiday is not altogether gifts clockwork SMS send to you. Healthy and happy longer with you, good luck and you are not isolated. And let me tell you, labor is the hard way!


  Holiday year after year, but you want to have a unique, can leave you good memories of holidays? Come on, echocardiography action. Take action right now.


  Work is the boat, performance is the sail, home is the harbor, holiday is shore and wash ZhengChen, zhankai smiling faces, meet happy every day! I wish you: wuyijiekuaile!


  Set foot on the journey, to feel peaceful; Literally blather, relaxed and happy; Make some entertainment, taifook self-drawn. Home security, but also the work. I wish a happy labor day!



  Fade the exhausted coat, shaking the dust to go, unloaded their hearts. The festival bathed sky, warm floral fragrance overflowing here, here!


  I wish a happy holiday, fun, I wish you a happy voyage. I wish you: the cause of legitimate afternoon, the body as strong as the tiger, numerous money, not work hard, like romantic music, happy for you! Five one happy!


  The five one day, you show your stroke swimming: hard in the pool, breaststroke, backstroke, butterfly and freestyle, and convincing dump snorkelling! The shore of the old man anxious: "I depend! You killed Ke Ko, don't let me sow the land!"


  In the five one quarter to you what animal. Like a pig manure, trouble? As lazy as a pig, guilty? Stupid like a pig, poor? Of course not, you are a pig! Do you want, do what you gotta do!


  International worker's day I want to make a wish: if you are a meteor, I will catch you, if you are a satellite I will wait for you, if you are I will star you, but... You are in the Zoo Gorilla I can only see you! "! What a pity!


  The five one day, the mice's dream: a cat dragged into the hole. Crow protest: all black is us? The wolf's plan: five one get a sheepskin with. How about you?


  You are the books I am package, are you a rat I am cat, you wood I glue, you are pork is the knife, our relationship is so good, five one eat you to dig, happy holidays!

  你劳动节不劳动,是无视国家法令!不是我威胁你,赶快请我吃饭!要不然我把你手机号贴大街上: 一夜情热线!而且管饭

  Your labor day do not work, is to ignore state laws! I did not threaten you, to invite I to have a meal! Otherwise I put your mobile phone number posted on the street: one-night stand hotline! And dinner


  Mood rose, petal is sufficient; Qin full of flowers, carved with care; diffuse into the blessing, heart; every time up, warm still; the truth forever, carefully aftertaste; flying mood, happy hand in hand!


  A cold warm, the first phase noise; a word, a legend; a friendship, and his thoughts; a message, daily warm!


  Not every flower waves for the beach and not every stars, for the night, not every rain for wheat and come, only my every message is happy for you!


  Happiness is a beautiful legend of the glass ball, roller Broken scattered in every corner of the world, some people picked up more, some people picked up less, but no one can have all, I would like to give you my point, let you more happiness than me!

  ·一壶咖啡,一本闲书,躺在舒适的沙发里,仔细品味这假日的闲逸。 献祝福,祝福网

  And a pot of coffee, a light readings, lying on a comfortable sofa, carefully taste this holiday carefree. Offer blessings, blessings n_etwork


  One two three four five six seven, a total of seven days of vacation, you're just going to bubble moldy at home? Go out together into the summer sun with me.


  · brothers, but also to the damn vacation, you know I'm still nowhere to go, quickly clean up your mess room, waiting to visit my frame!

  ·五月是放飞心情的好时节,你愿意和我一起双双飞吗? 献祝福,祝福网

  May is a good time to release the mood, will you and I together both fly? Offer blessings, blessings n_etwork


  Five one hungry? A Shabu Shabu hot pot! Thirsty? Go to the seaside! Have no money to do? A fool fool! Didn't have the guts to do how? Looking for Laden! If you think you do? Have a look a!


  'five one' to, hot weather, I am ready to do three things for the people of the whole country: 1 to fly to wear gloves to wear masks; 2 mosquitoes; 3 give you feed. Hope you holidays to eat, the mood is very good!


  The five one day, the mice's dream: a cat dragged into the hole. Crow protest: all black is us? The wolf's plan: five one get a sheepskin with. How about you?

  你劳动节不劳动,是无视国家法令!不是我威胁你,赶快请我吃饭!要不然我把你手机号贴大街上:一夜情热线!而且管饭。 献祝福,祝福网

  Your labor day do not work, is to ignore state laws! I did not threaten you, to invite I to have a meal! Otherwise I put your mobile phone number posted on the street: one-night stand hotline! And dinner. Offer blessings, blessings n_etwork


  Want your pumpkin, love you like cucumber, hear your gold muskmelon, kiss your Hami melon. Hating you is cucumber, watermelon eating you, scold you is wax gourd, playing your fool.


  The stretch of the brow, happy mind, leisurely head, busy small head, healthy within, and outside, the at hand of broad eminent, unstoppable! Happy five one


  During the 'five one', I found a full-time job, no salary, no rest, 24 hours a day at work! It is that you want to!


  Five one free to come around, we are all thinking of you.


  Five one five one I love you, as the mouse love the rice! A long vacation to relax the mood, labor is the most glorious


  Offer blessings n_etwork


  Five one I want to sleep a long sleep, but the meal you can tell me!

  ·五一是旅游高峰,到哪儿去人都太多,假期里,影院有好多好看的电影,不如我们看它几天电影,多过瘾呢! 献祝福,祝福网

  Five one is the peak travel, where people are too much, the holidays, there are a lot of good-looking movie theater, as we watch the film it for a few days, more fun! Give blessings, blessings n_etwork


  The five one day! Wish you eat well, play well, a good mood!


  The five one day, would you like to go to the outskirts of labor with me? Body and mind can be properly relaxed.