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1、Laugh Until You Cry; Cry Until You Laugh 笑到终于哭出来;哭到终于笑出来。

2、If all are the play, why should we played a less realistic.如果一切都是戏,我们何必演的那么逼真。

3、Sometimes,you just have to pretend that you are happy just to stop everyone from asking you that the hell happened.

4、Memory will fade, but my heart will go on 记忆总会褪色,而我心依旧。

5、Can you just not miss me while I am still loving you?(趁我还爱你,你可不可以不要错过我?


7、Thank you for standing behind me感谢你一直支持著我


9、You can cry,But you can not lose 你可以哭但是不能输

10、I love to be loved by you 我愿意你爱我

11、am in the grip of madness。 我如痴如狂。

12、No one can stop my feet!没人可以阻挡我前进的路



15、- One who betrays me. I will let you die .[背叛我的人我会让你生不如死]

16、If I am the girl in your dreams.如果我是你梦里的女孩

17、I am on your side, never leave[我在你身旁,未曾离开]


19、The rain falls because the sky can not bear the weight of it.雨水落下来是因为天空无法承受它的重量


20、I am used to looking after myself.我习惯于自己照料自己

21、The place where you once were is now just a big,gaping hole。 你曾在我心上,现在空了一个大洞。

22、Love is friendship caught fire. 其实,爱是着了火的友谊。

23、【Love is to rely on each other to maintain.】




27、You will only break my heart. 你只会伤我的心

28、Want to say goodbye may is not far. I believe that you can hear you.想说再见愿为时不远。我坚信你能听见。

29、Never trouble trouble till trouble troubles you.麻烦没来找你,就别去自找麻烦。

30、I love very much, a minute only love you sixty seconds.

31、Just gonna stand there and hear me cry 就站在那里听着我哭泣

32、I need to get away. 我想要逃离。

33、Time is the fault of fatalistic testimony people.时光的宿命就是见证人们的过错。

34、One person you loved is not love 万千宠爱也不及你一人疼爱

35、Forget me 忘了我

36、Until I discovered your world does not lack. [直到后来我才发现你的世界根本不缺我]

37、Nobody could ever replace you.从来没有人可以取代你。

38、Love without end hath no end、情绵绵,爱无边。



40、Plan the worst scnario with the best hope.

41、love me love my dog 爱屋及乌

42、Can We Dance [ 这首歌,听完之后你肯定会回来的]

43、Girls do not lose loving you.姑娘别输给爱

44、I want someone whos afraid of losing me 我希望找到一个担心失去我的人

45、Sometimes, instead of multicore, as less jin.有时候 , 与其多心,不如少根筋。

46、Listen to yourself . 倾听自己

47、[Can I say no one is really] 我可不可以说百无一用是真心

48、The soul is not where it lives,but it loves.心不在它生活的地方,而在它所爱的地方。

49、Baby do not cry. Tonight .


51、Penitence is something that enervates our spirit, causing a greater loss than the loss itself and making a bigger mistake than the mistake itself。 So never regret。

52、Come Back To Me Come Back To Me 回到我身边 回到我身边

53、How can I forget the bitterne you gave me 你给的痛,要我怎么忘.

54、Never frown, even when you are sad, because you never know who is falling in love with your smile.

55、I began to aphasia. Hiding in own corner of stability and calm.我开始失语,躲在自己的角落安定从容。

56、Complaining does not solve anything. 抱怨不能解决任何问题。

57、Someone loves everything you hate about yourself.

58、Do not be afraid, just like my this heart, forever is your home.别怕,就像我的这颗心,永远都是你的家。


60、Believe that god is fair.相信上帝是公平的。



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